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Fire Trucks Driver

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 Game Description
There are some games which will boost your adrenaline count and heart rate. These games will be highly thrilling and will create fire in your heart. Fire Trucks Driver, the game with a magic touch is such a game which will carry you to a new planet of thrill and action.

In this game, you have to deliver fire fighters to places where mishaps happens. These fire fighters will extinguish fire and they will save the whole city. Try to deliver these fighters at the destination as quickly as possible. Drive very carefully and do not knock down pedestrians or other vehicles.

It is very easy to master this game. You can use the ARROW keys to control the movement of the truck. SPACE BAR is used to apply brake and M key is used to gaze the map. The graphics are good and the music is fine. Altogether, this game will satisfy you if you are the one who loves road games. Play Fire Trucks Driver and save the city.

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