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    Towing Mania
    Towing Mania is an online game that you or your kids can play. It's really challenging and fun.To play, you just use the arrow keys to drive the truck. If you need to turn left, you will have to press both up and left key simultaneously. If you need to go right you will need to press the right and up arrow key at the same time. The same goes for pressing down arrow key and either right or left. The space bar is the brake and allows you to stop your truck when you want it to.Hitting X will hook or unhook the cars so you can tow them properly. You can only press X and tow the car once you're at the right position. Only then can you take and impound the car. Be careful not to crash your truck. You only have three chances or else you're out of the game.

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    Towing Mania  


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