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    Mad Trucker
    The Mad Trucker is a fun online browser-based game. In playing this game, you just have to control a big truck up to the finish line. To control the truck, the arrow keys should be used. The up button or arrow key will accelerate the truck and increase its speed. The down button or arrow key is used to decrease the speed of the truck or to brake. The left button or arrow key is for the truck to move to the left and the right button or arrow key is for the truck to move to the right. You should prevent getting crashed against other vehicles and stop when there are people crossing the street. You will find places to stop by along the way such as fuel station, fast food and repair station. You should stop on these places to be able to receive more points. The Mad Trucker game is a long ride to the finish line but it is quite fun and very simple to play.

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    Mad Trucker  


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