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    American Tow Truck
    There are some truck games which will be very interesting to play and funny to the core. American tow truck is such a game which offers a destructive atmosphere laced with funny elements. This is a funny road game taking place in the roads of New York. The player has to act as a tow truck driver which helps to clear the unwanted cars in the roads. Some people are parking cars where they are not allowed to and tow truck comes in to picture in this juncture.The basic theme of the game is quite simple. The gamer has to tow all the cars which are wrongly parked with the truck. After towing the cars, the player has to carry them to the tow compound. There are 11 levels in this game which makes it a perfect gaming experience. The controls used in this game are very simple. Gamer can use the arrow keys to control the truck. Space bar is used for applying brakes and 'X' key is used for towing a car.The graphics of this game is up to the mark and the music content is matching with the gaming atmosphere. Over all, tow truck will satisfy players who are fond of truck games.

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    American Tow Truck  


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